5 types of animal masses that will blow you off

Undoubtedly, massage therapy is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. Based on the type of massage it can be done with hands, feet, other body parts, hot stones and all kinds of items. But what is the massage done by kitty paws? We believe that it looks great! Animal massage is such a thing that many people do not want to try (snake massage, anybody?) But once they do it, it becomes the only type of massage for them! Here 5 types of animals have been massaged, which will blow you away.

Snake massages

The snake’s massage looks a bit wild because it’s too much! Although this process is very simple – all you have to do is steamless under some 500 pounds of running snakes and enjoy as much as possible. Although it may seem a bit awkward, all the working snake is a dragon, which means that you will not be bitten due to less poison. They have a tendency to strangle their prey and then swallow it completely, so make sure you do not have jerky movements or loud sounds. Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are some of the places that offer such massages.

Snail face massage

Getting snails crawling on your face is another way of fighting (or at least showing) wrinkles and fighting against aging. Snail facials appeared in Tokyo for the first time and you can still slit some gastropodes around your face for $ 200, but another option is for Chiang Mai in Thailand and do this for a more than $ 30 worth of price . The owner of the salon is a French boy who went to Thailand with some 100 samples, with a farm of 30,000 organisms that only eat organic food and produce organic sludge only. The science behind the whole process is a bit unclear, but all the beauticians agree that molasses have amazing moisturizing properties and more antioxidants than most beauty products.

Massage back by cats

The most weird and wonderful things come from Japan, and therefore the cat massages back! Rather unusual massage parlor offers its customers a genuine cat masseur services. If you have ever owned such a cat, you know that they are great in the things of ‘ding kneading’ before lying, then it is a pillow, a blanket or a human lap. This is why inventive Japanese decided to include these cat skills and to include them in the service of normal human masses. We will definitely try it!

Bee Massage Therapy

If bitten by bee can be considered a massage, then surely this is the most painful type of ‘massage’! Some people experience 80 stings per day to get incredible benefits of bee-poisoning poison, which is said to reduce cramps, back pain, headache, and helps in situations like rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and psoriasis. There are powerful anti-inflammatory properties in the poison of bee, but warnings are given to those who are allergic to the bee-poisonous poison, putting themselves in serious danger.

Elephant massage

Yet another strange form of massage comes from Thailand – elephant massages! In the north of Chiang Mai, Mae Ping Elephant camp has many peaceful services through elephants riding painting elephants (with a brush!) And musical instruments playing elephants with local tribes. You can also massage a real elephant there! What happens is that you lie down on the ground and an elephant carefully puts foot on your back. Yes, it seems that is not very safe, but it is a complete idea.

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