9 Makeup and Beauty Tips for Women with Dasy Skin Tone

There is no denying this fact that women with shaven skin just look amazing So if you are one of the lucky women shaking a dusky color, then we can only say it – wear it with pride! Here are 9 make-up and beauty tips that will help you look really beautiful.

Use a gentle cleaner

It is very important to clean your skin, especially if you feel a little dryness. If you wear makeup, make sure you use a very soft product to remove it without damaging the skin. Mickaelor Water is one of those skin cleansers that are quite mild, but will work a lot better in cleaning your face – without rinting!

Skip the eyeliner

It is generally believed that women with dusky skin should underline their eyes as crazy – as if they are not standing adequately! Okay, you can try to use mascara without any liner, can be combined with some shiny shimmering eyes – it will keep your eyes fresh after a long day at work. Leave the evening gown for evening gowns and special events when you need to include that extra thing in your look.

Enjoy your bold brow

It is a common tendency to drop those grand fat eyebrows given to women and pat them by Mother Nature. Well, it’s time to leave those tweezers for a while and remember what your face really looks like. you’d be surprised! Of course, this does not mean that you do not prepare your bark at all – remove those weird stray hair that is not anywhere and trim a bit with scissors for a grand natural brow.


We girls should take care of our skin regardless of skin, so make sure that you moisturize daily after bathing with a proper cream or tonic which is good for your skin type. This will help you get rid of the drought and spacetime, which will create healthy brightness for which we are all trying.

Is the key to the foundation

When choosing the right foundation, women with dusky colors should be especially careful. If you choose a light colored option, you will feel skin strange and unnatural, so choosing the right shade is important. If you are not getting right, then just mix yourself! Take a foundation that is light with your skin tone and which is deep and which perfectly suits your skin tone. You will immediately see the difference!

Make hair routine

It’s easy to go overboard with the beauty of all those masks, oils, and other hair, which your mother taught you. But you have to try! It is important to have a healthy routine that does not give too much stress to your hair. Do not say chemical-inspired shampoos, use homemade natural conditioners, and try to avoid coloring your hair, even if you get some brown hair here and there. Your hair will thank you! From time to time, soak some dry coconut oil in some coconut oil and make silk locks.

Choose lipstick wisely

Obviously, the work that is done for light skin tone is not usually for women with dwarf color. Try the juicy dark colors of your favorite colors, depending on who you are going for: Coral Red, Berry, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Brown, Plum etc. Classy Bright Red does wonders for you when you want to look fresh and ready. for everything. Matte brown and subdued colors such as aloe vera and berries are suitable for contingency form.

Powder is not a no-no

Powder makes your skin viscous and extremely bright. Remember that creamy foundation is your best friend, it will make your skin smoother as you are not wearing any makeup. Powder is not just mix well with dusky skin tone.

Do not forget the blush

Of course, you have to use different colors from the colors used by light-colored women. Opt for a mixture of gold and rose which will create a beautiful glow effect. Shades like burgundy, prunes, brown and copper also work very well, when you add an additional thing to your look.

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