To calm Bangladesh, Musharraf says that the team hates their fans

Tuesday’s match against India is a big win for Bangladesh, as far as the World Cup semifinal progress is concerned, but what happens on the field between a big fan of fans matches this concern . Their team should face defeat. Because it will not be just another disadvantage – if it happens – but the team they hate, the same team is at a loss.

the stakes are high. Beyond the match, there is talk of buying tickets at high prices among people living in Birmingham between Bangladeshi migrants, and there is a plan to enter the stadium in larger groups so that they are not overwhelmed by Indian support troops, which are likely to be the majority is. during the game. A group is also organizing a march towards Edgbaston, although they are not sure how many people are joining them.

It has reached that point where Captain Mashrafe Murtaza has to say to talk to the team’s supporters.

Musharraf told, “There will be excitement but it will not be acceptable if it crosses the border or someone is targeted individually.” “It is difficult to ignore social media and abuse and trolling players, no matter how much we try to avoid them, cricket is also human, it affects the relations between the two countries and also a great message about our country. Does not send. ” Both sides want to win the game. Our supporters must definitely return us to our heart but it should not be dirty. We must keep in mind that we do nothing to weaken our country.

Thankfully, players are unaffected by the promotion, and from all accounts, the hotel in which they are sharing in Birmingham has a very small amount of relationship between the two sets of players. Musharraf was seen with MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya, while Tamim Iqbal spent time with KL Rahul. Apart from the on-field sledge, there has never been an external hostility between the players, and Bangladesh cricketers often talked about India as strong opponents, from which they have learned so much.

But it is difficult to ignore the past, especially in the era of social media. It stems from the frequent and long-felt feeling between the fans of Bangladesh that they were given a rough deal in the context of cricket by their neighbors. The irony is that at that time ICC president Jagmohan Dalmiya, who had engineered to give Bangladesh full membership status in 2000 Since then, India has hosted Bangladesh for just one test match, often citing commercial reasons, it does not host more. .

It is hurt, as well as it has also been felt that the injury is not appropriate. It appears to be more stable by a steady, endless, section of abuse – sledges, threats, aggressive memories, actions – both sides, especially on social media. Four years ago, the mainstream media also joined Trolling, when a prominent Bangladeshi daily mocked the Indian cricketers and shaved the cutters of Mustafizur Rahman. Then, during a 2017 test in Hyderabad, a local daily told the connection of “Big Brother V. Little Brother” in his headline.


On the field, Bangladesh have a record 5-29 win-loss against India in ODIs, although in 2004, the famous win, 2007 World Cup, 2012 Asia Cup and 2015 ODI series were the post of progress.

Development of Bangladesh as a team, especially in the last four years in which they defeated India twice, enhanced the confidence of the fans. He has created a parallel universe where it is believed that there is no clear favorite in this contest, and remembering each other and trolling out is a form of victory. On Tuesday, they have another chance to change the tone and tenure of that communication.

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