Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar canceled their leave due to rain

‘Rain, rain come away, come some other day, we have done so much work in our desks and places that no one will take us anymore’. We are confident that Mumbai welcomes the return of monsoon to its home, it has also welcomed the problem of flood and water everywhere. This is not just a common man, even celebrities have found themselves in the pit. And the latest goal of #MumbaiRains is Mrs Funnibons, Twinkle Khanna and her husband, Akshay Kumar.

But before we tell you about the heavy rains of Mumbai and the problems that it may cause, we give you a quick reminder of the journey to become a former Bollywood actress, Twinkle’s Mrs. Funnibon. From the actress, the author wrote a perfect story and his switch to mainstream cinema and the world of accomplished authors has been fantastic. He proved that with the right words and a little humor, you can turn every situation into an inspirational piece.

Recently, Twinkle again showed the strength of his pen and turned the disturbing situation completely into a written tweet, in which the condition of rain in Mumbai was shown. The author and his superstar husband, Akshay Kumar, was going on a holiday in London with his daughter, Nitara, but the rain played a bad game and he had to ‘go back home’. Therefore, he took on Twitter to announce that the runway was closed because it had flooded.

Well, this is not the first time when Twinkle turned the disappointing situation into a funny piece. A few weeks ago, Starlet was missing her husband, Akshay, and so she took her to her Instagram handle and shared a sweet picture with her. However, it was a way of expressing his love that gripped us.

We remember how Twinkle shared his acting journey in an interview with Verve magazine and what people thought about him. Once I wrote about a train trip and how my bag strap got stuck in a woman’s neck. He asked, ‘How do women know about trains? Yes, I was privileged till the age of 10, and then with my mother (actor Dimple Kapadia) I lived a middle-class life. I used to ride a rickshaw, but I liked it! I liked the freedom! Because of this, I have two different points of comfort, which gives me insight into many stories. ”

He talked about his writing struggle ahead and shared, “People had hoped for Mrs. Funnibon 2. Now that I have crossed that barrier, people do not know what I expect. What I see is what you see, what you get, but I still trust the research. Humor in a village will be different from this in an urban setting. I used to work hard, I did not know how good it was when I started, I was with the dialogue, but I feel that I have become better now. So we write, maybe we are misfit in the real world and that’s why we need to set our world. ”

In the same interview, Twinkle had disclosed how he tries to balance his work and personal life, and said, “After my husband’s work went on and my children went out to school. I write four hours of music, or silence without distraction, but once I neck-deep in a book, I can write for more hours, everything else becomes white noise, being a writer This means that you can not give yourself 100 percent in other aspects of your aspects. Even if you are physically present, then you are emotionally absent. Once upon a time, through the birth of my daughter’s birthday When I am writing, I am also inclusive. If I go out, even with friends, I lose my flow. Character is more interesting than friends. In Astw to a month after writing a book, I feel sad because I have to go back to the real world. “

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